Project affirmation " No excuses, I will work on the projects I love today!" First Project Education Technology.

Passion Projects

Over the last few years, I have hesitated to start my own projects. Some of the excuses I have used include:

  • "I don't have time."
  • "I get too absorbed in my work."
  • "There has to be somebody already working on what I am thinking about."

While some of these excuses may have a grain of truth, my biggest fear has been the loss of financial stability of a two-income household. However, after having a conversation with my husband, we decided to move forward with faith to pursue our passion for creating and reviewing apps that help children on their educational journey.

The pandemic is part of the reason I am here. During the pandemic when schools were all virtual, I had to become an assistant teacher to my four children in elementary to high school. They still needed structure and guidance, so I helped them with assignments, ensured they attended classes, and provided support throughout the day.

Working so closely with schools and teachers gave me a valuable glimpse into classrooms. I witnessed the incredible dedication and expertise of educators. However, I also noticed a love-hate relationship between teachers and the technology solutions they were using. Even though I was in mom mode, my product manager skills kicked into high gear. I kept envisioning feature improvements, increased accessibility, and better user experiences for educational products.

That experience has always been in the back of my mine and it inspired me to review existing educational products and develop my own educational software. I want to change the relationship teachers have with technology by creating software that teachers and students enjoy using and can make positive change in classroom management.

Please join me as I embark on this exciting journey of user research, identifying pain points, Jobs to be Done, and exploring opportunities to create products from vision to launch!