I'm Dana Sandy, Mom and enthusiastic Product Manager. Join me as I balance mom life and bootstrap ideas into products.


Hello and welcome!

I'm Dana Sandy, a Central Florida mom. I enjoy volunteering and indulging in well deserved naps. As a mom, I don’t get a lot of downtime, but I my guilty pleasure is anime—I absolutely love immersing myself in anime series marathons. However, I have one rule: I only watch completed anime series because cliffhangers drive me crazy. Currently, my favorite is Haikyuu!

This year I started a new adventure; I am bootstrapping my ideas into apps and I want to share the ups and downs of my experiences with you. Sharing gives me time to enjoy every moment of the development and creation process rather than focusing on achieveing a flawless result.

Amidst it all, I'll also share educational software reviews that engages my child. I am always looking for alternative methods to teach my son and recent innovations in software offer exciting new avenues to support my son's educational journey.

I invite you to follow and chat with me as I navigate the world of passion projects, uncover the harmonies between parenting and product management, and provide and reviews of educational software.