How I used ChatGPT to find the joy in writing and boost my productivity.

ChatGPT and Me

I ventured into the blogging world a couple of years ago and never really continued. As I look back I realize my biggest obstacle was myself. I would start off excited, but then I would overanalyze my writing, which would lead to me editing incessantly, until eventually I would have to stop, because I didn’t even know why I was editing what I wrote in the first place. I realized If I wanted to write consistently, I would have to find a better way, to write stories.

Then ChatGPT burst onto the scene, since I was on an education project the algorithm kept flooding my feeds with all the opportunities and problems it could create in education for students and teachers. Eventually I started to think if students could use it to “HELP” with their assignments maybe it could help me with my writing problem. So I jumped in, gave ChatGPT some personal information and waited for perfection. To be honest, I was underwhelmed it produced an article that lacked personality, sounded robotic and was "giving" furniture assembly guide.

Very quickly I understood that ChatGPT was powerful but it still needed a lot of prompting, it wasn't going to just intuitively solve my problems. It required very specific instruction and maybe with time it would be able to do what I wanted but for now I had to adapt my approach. So I asked ChatGPT to rate the article I had written.

ChatGPT responded

“As an AI language model, I do not have personal preferences, opinions or beliefs, and therefore I cannot rate an article in the same way that a human being can. However, I can analyze and provide feedback on the structure, grammar, and coherence of an article. Additionally, I can assist you in identifying any potential bias or factual inaccuracies in the article. ” I thought this has potential. I certainly wouldn’t mind feedback, so I asked ChatGPT

“Can you give me feedback”

ChatGPT quickly responded

“Sure, I would be happy to provide feedback on an article. Please provide the article or a link to it, and let me know what specific aspects of the article you would like me to focus on.”

I submitted an article, and in under 30 seconds, I had a review! I had just discovered my sweet spot for ChatGPT and me. ChatGPT not only gave me actionable feedback, but it was also able to quiet the badgering voice of my own echo chamber, by providing unbiased, constructive criticism that I desperately needed. In addition, I could send an essay to Chat GPT over and over again without being afraid of driving my soundboard crazy for the repetition. This could definitely work!

Over the next couple of months, I incorporated ChatGPT into work sessions. Carving out time to submit and make adjustments based on feedback from ChatGPT, my thoughts, and how I want to converse with my audience. The time it took to write a single article went from 36 hours to 4 hours. I have written more in the last two months than in the previous five years. ChatGPT has made writing fun, I don't have to worry about getting in my own way.